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Symmetry Align is now offering Thai yoga BOdywork. Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing system where a practitioner takes a client through a sequence of yoga inspired Stretches, working along the 'Sen' or energy lines of the body, offering assisted stretching, fascia release and deep relaxation.  


what to expect

Thai Yoga Bodywork is done on the floor on a cushioned mat. The client is fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing. Practitioners use their hands, feet, elbows, knees and body weight to create rhythmic motion, acupressure and compression stretches to all the  muscles of the body from toe to head. You can receive a session in the comfort of your home, or at our Align location in Auburn. 


The benefits of Thai Yoga Massage are profound and healing. Working the energy lines and compressing the muscles in assisted stretches is relaxing and calming to the body. Moving energy through the body in this way can release built up stress and trauma stored physically, mentally and emotionally; stimulating the body's natural healing process. If you feel tight or sore from physical activity or daily life this could be the answer you are looking for. Thai Yoga bodywork can be prehab to avoid injury as well as self-care to help heal injuries, chronic pain and/or stress. 


*All initial sessions will be half hour longer for a consultation

90 Minute Massage $110

60 Minute Massage $65

30 Minute Massage $45

A $15 travel fee will be added to at-home sessions

Special Offers

*Refer a friend and get a $10 credit on your next appointment