Offsite Training

Wellness Programs

Present something different, fun, and healthy to your clients and guests. We can instruct cardio, boot camp, Pilates, Yoga and many more classes for indoor or outdoor events! These programs are perfect for a bridal parties, birthday parties, family reunions, overnight guests, corporate outings and local sports teams to name a few!

Programs can be hosted through the Symmetry Wellness Club facility, at a public outdoor space or your own venue space.



$100 per hour

$50 non-refundable deposit must be made at time of booking


Summer Events

Donation Yoga Class at Hoopes Park in Auburn, NY

  • June 12th 6:00-7:30pm
  • Suggested Donation of $15

We will be hosting a donation based yoga class at Hoppes Park on June 12th from 6:-7:00pm. This class will be taught by local Yoga teachers, collaborating together to bring a well rounded class meant for all levels. There is suggested donation amount of $15. All proceeds will go to Nick's Ride 4 Friends-a local organization that is at the forefront of recovery and awareness of the opioid epidemic. 







Need motivation to run your first 5K, better your time and improve your form? Join Run Club! Run Club meets every Tuesday at 5:15pm at Symmetry Wellness Club . Training with the Run Club is free of charge and open to all levels. Joining Symmetry's Run Club is a fun way to stay on track with your endurance training and socialize with like minded people!


Corporate Wellness

Promoting health and wellness in the workplace can be a great way to boost moral and build team bonding! Studies show that organizing healthy activities in the work-place increase the mental health of employees and creates a better work environment overall, We offer 8 week programs that will give your employees an awesome workout after their work-day, allowing them to de-stress and find convenience in a fitness program.

Senior Living Programs

Giving older adults access to a fitness program designed specifically for their needs will increase their stability, balance and activities of daily living. Studies show that older adults who exercise see benefits in disease prevention, management and mood. Symmetry Align has certified instructors knowledgeable in senior fitness who will develop a program that will have your residents feeling more independent and rejuvenated.