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P90X® at Symmetry Wellness Club is an 8 week progressive workout program designed around the concept of ‘muscle confusion’.  By constantly presenting you with new physical challenges, it will force your body to learn new neuromuscular patterns to continually adapt—and adaptation equals CHANGE!  You will be taken through a planned program of 4 training blocks, each designed to build on the gains you’ve made.  8 week session offers multiple time slots and pricing. Please visit Schedulicity for details.


Sunrise lift

Build strength and muscular endurance by utilizing hand weights, machines, kettle bells and medicine balls to fuel this fast pace workout that is sure to deliver results.  Instructed by Lisa.  8 weeks session $80             6AM Tuesday/Thursday


Interval Mix

Interval Mix is a high intensity interval training workout that revs up the metabolism and burns fat. Following a 20 second on 10 second off pattern through a diverse group of exercises, your body will experience an endurance and cardio challenge all while building strength. Instructed by Paul.                                                                                              8 week session $45   8:30AM  Saturday



The name is the description and the goal! This is a 45 minute intensive class that focuses on building core strength, endurance and flexibility. Challenging exercises will target the lower and upper abdomen, oblique's, back and hip flexors. Pilates moves will also be incorporated for lengthening, strengthening and stretching this core group of muscles vital for optimal everyday function and mobility.  8 week session.   $45    9:30AM Saturday                     



This dynamic class will incorporate the basics of Taekwondo with circuit training to create a workout like no other. Translating to “the way of kicking and punching,” students will be using their hands and feet to build speed, strength and power in their body. The end of class will focus on self-defense techniques that anyone can use to protect themselves or others. This class will challenge students physically and mentally. Open to all levels. Instructed by Megan. 8 week sessions $45 5:45PM Tuesdays



This 8 week program uses the proven science of weight training by incorporating tempo (time under tension) workouts which enhances strength training, body awareness and metabolic response. Slow down your reps to speed up your muscle gain! This program will allow you to get more out of your strength training and cardiovascular workouts.  Break the strength plateau and see the physical improvements from this empowering class.  Appropriate for all levels.  8 week session offers multiple time slots and pricing. Please visit Schedulicity for details.


Blended Yoga

Blended Yoga allows you to experience many different disciplines of Yoga and reap all the benefits they have to give. Each class will focus on a different style and flow that will deepen your practice and understanding of Yoga. This class is perfect for all levels and ages. 8 week session $50 6:45PM Thursdays


Circuit Sunday

Start your Sunday morning off with a sweat! This circuit brings you through a full body workout utilizing cardio machines, hand weights, stability balls and more. The mix up of exercises and props will keep your workout fun and challenging.  Instructed by Lisa.        8 week session      $50     8:30AM Sunday



Butt & Gut is a 45 minute class focusing on muscle conditioning of the core and glut muscles. Exercises will tighten your abdominals, lift your rear and tone your legs! We will work with weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and much more to get those trouble areas in great shape! Instructed by Erin. 8 week session $45 5:45PM Thursday



This integrated flexibility class is based on the methods of Joseph Pilates, which will transform your body to the core. Lisa's Pilates program is structured for all fitness levels and designed to tone and sculpt your power house. By utilizing cued breathing techniques, participants will develop a strong abdominal core while optimizing postural endurance and joint stability. 8 week session  $50   8:30AM  Fridays



This blended class will tone your legs, arms and core by integrating yoga poses with light ankle and wrist weights. You will improve balance, stability, muscle endurance and concentration and increase your mind body connection. Be prepared to feel stronger and more knowledgeable about your body in this energizing workout! Instructed by Tracy and Erin.    8 week session  $50    9:45AM Tuesdays


Restorative/yin Flow

This gentle stretch and release class that will help you unwind from your busy schedule and reconnect with your Self.  Being guided through breath work, gentle flows and deep stretching you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed at the end of each class. This class is perfect for anyone who is new to Yoga, wants to manage stress and deepen their practice. 8 week session $50 9:45AM Sundays



This 8 week program will mix different modalities of fitness to change your routine and get your body into great shape! Expect to work through circuits, Tabata, team challenges and much more! Coaches will challenge you through full body workouts to help you achieve the results you're working so hard to gain! Appropriate for all levels.  8 week session offers multiple time slots and pricing. Please visit Schedulicity for details.